Sunday, March 29, 2009

Third Model

Third Model

The original sketch: Organic& Inverse

3D Model




growing to gallery

gallery plan

top view

Second Model

two inspirational words: organic& reconciliation (above and under respectively)

different views of the whole structure

Section of exhibition spaces and above ground studio

Second floor studio for FIONA HALL

Under-ground studio for TRACY MOFFAT

Dark room for TRACY MOFFAT to develop photos

36 custom texture

Monday, March 23, 2009

Material& Production

reconciliation, tangle, inverse

Tracy Moffat is well known for her photography, film and video. Her works involve stories, however the relationship between each photo in a series is not clear which leaves imaginary spaces for audience. This photo is from the series UP IN SKY in 1997. It is a series of twenty-five monochrome and soft focus photogravures, the setting is a vast desert. This series is meant to reflect the lives of indigenious Australian children from their birth and their contineous struggles with Australian government policy.


dreadlock, spout, organic

Fiona Hall
well known for representing the natural world and sciences and conceptual ideas about the environment, history, politics and socio-economics in an unique way.
Her works are engaged with various topics, she also uses different kinds of materials to transmute her concept into a shockingly facinating results. In this Castles in the Air of the Cave-Dwellers series, the resin brain was adorned with parastic form, floating in the air. Most of her works use simple arificial material, like plastic, resin, glass, metal, pvc. Most of them are easy to apporach.


models continue....

this is another refined version of my model although I'm still not satisfied with the whole outcome, it looks more like a sculpture than a gallery or studio to me...


Original Sketch of the stairs

stairs from exhibition space to below-ground studio (Fiona Hall)

stairs from exhibition space to above-ground studio (Tracy Moffat)


This stair case is designed to be able to access into two different areas, one is the platform in front of the gallery where people can gather and relax, another one is under ground studio where the artist will be working in.

height of the stair case: 180mm approximately
width of the stair case: 276mm approximately

material of the stairs: sandstone

another version

These two stairs are designed to access to second level studio. Two different textures have been applied to match the theme of each space. The first stair has two sides arm rest since it is higher and have more stairs cases, the second one is simply rectangular shape since it acts more like a transitional component.

height of the stair case: 142mm approximately
width of the stair case: 720mm approximately

material of the 1st stair: black and yellow glasses
material of the 2nd stair: concrete

Spiral Stairs

I've watched some tutorial videos about how to make a spiral stairs, then here comes my first trial of spiral stairs. the color remind me Tracy Moffat's photos-- the NIGHT CRIES and SOMETHING MORE series. (as show below)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

models continue....

I've made this 3D model in this weekend and it's based on the sketch I drew in week1. The inspiring words for this model are "inverse" and "organic" for above ground and below ground perspective.

front view

back view

right view

left view

top view

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Organic Dome Volume

This dome volumes are inspired from one of Fional Hall's works called Castles in the Air of Cave-Dwellers. I was experiencing with different shapes of dome volume for under ground studio in order to achieve an organic feeling.