Sunday, May 31, 2009

Politic& Fashion

Impression of politic in terms of color: GREY it stood in history as a tool, an ambiguous tool.
Impression of fashion in terms of color: COLOURFUL

This could be a motivation of how they use their POWER
It would be interesting when they meet....

some inspirations for my clients Barack Obama& Miuccia Prada

screen capture of prada- Trembled Blossoms

Steven B Whatley, 'Barack Obama' 2008.

image reference:
1. "
prada- Trembled Blossoms" in youtube (accessed: 22 May 2009)

2. Steve B Whatley, "Barak Obama...Closer" in flickr (accessed: 25 May 2009)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Article mash-up

I have merged three articles with the background pictures manipulated. Those images are chosen because they have showed the supportive power behind these three people. This supportive power will be a focusing element in the meeting place of two clients, since it is one of the biggest inevitable
common between them.

end notes:
1. Jon Pareles, “Material Woman, Restoring Her Brand” in The New York Times (accessed: 25 May 2009).

2. Own Eye “The Power List women in Fashion” in Style and Design, (accessed: 26 May 2009).

3. “Barack Obama” in The New York Times (accessed: 22 May 2009).

Monday, May 4, 2009


This slide of THE BLACK BOX has been particularly inspiring for me in terms of its visual effect and how repetition of the structure could emphasis the meaning of light and shadow. This technique is used in my model for Nobel's lab by creating hundreds of pillars to form the structural foundation. This repetition technique in architecture allow an orderly variation of the light and shadow which would be able to enhance the meaning of the building.

Final Submission for Exp2


texture applied in the model



FILE FRONT LINK:;13706655;/fileinfo.html

Saturday, May 2, 2009

draft 2

I have further developed Nobel's lab, the ramp from meeting place to Nobel's place and Cousteau's ramp. I was quite happy with Cousteau's ramp, the simple and irregular shape distinguished it from Nobel's lab and their meeting place.

I have tried a variation of lighting and textures to have a sense how the space could be enhanced. The process is quite challenging but fun. By using different colors and brightness of the light, the meaning of the space would change dramatically.

This platform is a duplication of the ramp from Cousteau's lab to the meeting place, it could be accessed from Cousteau's lab. this ponit of view draws my attention when I walk through the space, the falling pillars from Nobel's lab becomes a vey strong element in this angle.

Friday, May 1, 2009

36 custom textures

draft 1 Nobel's lab and ramp

overall structure for ramp to Nobel's lab and his lab

the idea of using a lot of pillar is derived from the word "thousand", I was thinking about using a massive amount pillar to form a central structure.... then I end up with this one which is a bit different from what I thought, however it brings a transition from darkness to brightness. from confusing to clarifying, from artificial light to natural light, which would emphasis more on this "One Idea" structure.

I have made Nobel's lab a more open place which allow the natural light to illuminate the form's character. The use of different height of the pillar results in a pretty nice shadow.